Luis + Mercedes Beautiful Fort Worth Wedding

What can I say about these two. When I met them over a year ago these two were looking at a bunch of different wedding photographers and were very indecisive on who to choose to capture their big day. Needless to say when they saw my work they wanted to meet up with me. They said my work stood out from the rest and I was reasonable in price. Thats when they made the best decision in hiring me to capture their love. :) Other than talking about their wedding day we quickly took a liking with each other as we discussed our love for chicken fried steak and Will Smith! LOL!. I immediately fell in love with these two. First off, they were a beautiful couple, and second, the way Luis looked at Mercedes, I knew capturing their love on camera was going to be very easy.

We shot their engagements on my friends ranch in Waxahachie,Tx. It was extremely beautiful with horses and everything was perfect. EXCEPT!!! Mercedes got a little sick :( but we managed to pull of some great images! 

Fast forward to the big day, I arrived at Luis's home in fort worth. I was the only photographer with no second shooter, so after I captured his getting ready shots and details I drove to the other location to capture Mercedes' getting ready shots. When she was fully dressed, we were running a little bit behind and we had to go as soon as possible. I noticed we didn't get any shots in her wedding dress by herself so I INSISTED that we should spend at least 5 minutes alone with her to get some quick shots in her dress and bouquet. I felt that this was the only time that we'd get to capture her fully ready with fresh make-up on. I told her there that being a little late wasn't going to hurt. Sacrificing being a little late paid off because we were able to get some awesome shots of her in so little time. She's very happy that I made that decision for her.

Thank you "Carina Salas Fraire" for the amazing work on the Make-up.

Ceremony Time! They had a beautiful ceremony at the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Church"in Fort Worth, Tx. It was a catholic ceremony so it lasted around a hour or so. It was wonderful and full of emotions! 

Immediately after the ceremony, we drove to the "Kimball Art Museum" in Fort Worth to do some bridal party photos, and bride and groom portraits. The lighting was amazing and we were able to capture some beautiful images of Luis and Mercedes. Following that, we drove to the wedding reception at "Christ the King Catholic Church" in Fort Worth where we finished the evening.

The reception was gorgously decorated. At that time I only had about 5-10 minutes to capture the decor and room without anyone in it. With my experience I was able to capture the details and the room with very little time. They had a surprise reveal where Luis and Mercedes got to see the reception room for the first time. As you can see, the look on their faces told everything about what they thought about the room. After the big reveal, the guest came in and it was time to eat. Usually this is the time for me to rest, but I had to get more detail shots done so I skipped out on taking a break for a while and continued working! As I was walking around ideas kept popping in my head for shots with the bride and groom. Their sweet heart table was beautifully set up so it was imperative that we get some shots in that area. The first dance immediately followed and was able to capture some loving memories with my advanced lighting set up. Reception lighting is key to capturing the reception activities beautifully. I had a 4 light set up and all lights were off camera. 2 video lights, and 2 speedlights were used in capturing their moments for the rest of the evening.

Their wedding was by far one of the best weddings I loved being apart of and if I could, Id do it all over again. My relationship I have with these two has grown since and I look forward to capturing their many future life happenings. Luis and Mercedes, thank you so much for allowing and trusting me to capturing your wedding day.

This day was also beautifully captured with video by: Art and Cynthia Barrios. You can find their work at ""

The venue was decorated by "Shayes Decorations"