Tyler and Jessica's Beautiful Sunset Engagements at White Rock lake

My! MY! was it cold during this shoot! But you would never know in the pictures because we were able to fight through the cold to get some amazing shots. The sky was beautiful enough to give us motivation to stay out there and keep shooting! This engagement shoot was absolutely fun for all 3 of us. We had a great time laughing and just being ourselves. Connecting with my clients is very important to me. If we don't share a connection with each other, it will definitely show in the images. The most effective way I connect with my clients is through laughter. If I can make them smile and laugh then they are able to let down their wall and be completely comfortable with me. Once I break down that barrier I'm able to tap into the true emotions within my clients. 

Below are some images I captured in December 2016 for Tyler and Jessica's engagement photos. I am so excited to shoot their wedding in November 2017 in Austin Texas. 

Location: White Rock lake, Dallas, Texas

Photographer : Michael Bush Photography


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